Darkhouse - Karina Halle I started this book already exhibiting the characteristics of a wuss. I love  a good scare and creepy tales. I eat them up like a starving woman but they also scare the shit of out me. I share this affliction with  my husband. It's what bonds us and he had just shared with me his recent findings of the black eyed children phenomena . So I was on edge thinking these...
children were , no doubt ,now going to be summoned by my incessant freaking out and they were going to be lurking outside of my windows and doors , asking to be let in.
 Yes,i'm a very susceptible person, gullible, could also be a word associated with me. Which is weird cause I'm also very untrusting. It's a dichotomy.I guess if I trust you  I will believe you unless I have a reason not to. So maybe not so much a dichotomy and more normal, but that's neither here nor there.
My point is , after  Sins & Needles ,I trust Karina Halle. Talent for story telling like that cannot be a fluke . Unless it's like that one movie , the words were Bradley Cooper plays a writer who steals another writer's manuscript and then takes credit! The audacity! Like he would've never found out! Ugh, anyway. 

That is not what happened here. Halle has talent and you can see it in the beginning of the Experiment in Terror series . Granted it starts out a little slow but , taking into consideration that there's 6 or more books and counting, it's  safe to say she was taking her time laying her  ground work.  But the thing that sold me on this author in Sin &  Needles were her characters and the banter between them. I. Love. Great .Banter! And Perry and Dex  give great banter. They're so quirky and zany it makes them easy to love  but also fear a little. They're both slightly unhinged . Dex  ,especially . He's a hot oddball with a maxim girlfriend . Much to Perry's dismay. As the story quickens , in the creepy parts, it feels reminiscent of The adventures of Tin Tin and  I really liked that. 

Now, Was is  terrifying? No,but it was creepy and  mysterious . Did it make me loose any sleep like the stories of the black eyed children? No, but it did help me take my mind off of them. I hear the series gets better though and I'm already onto #2 . Dex and Perry are addicting.:) Here's hoping I'll loose some sleep soon.