The Alpha Alternative: JZB Sex Scene - Karen Marie Moning description

KMM gives us an alternative scene in the first book of the Fever series! Through Barrons' POV!!
The following are a few gems from it.;)

“Do you really intend to exchange information?”
“I do.”
“And you’ll go first?”
“I will.” So fucking gullible.
“We can trade through the door.”
In her dreams. My dick isn’t that long.
I came here for two things. I’m not leaving without them.

"I have found there to be little distance between the unlatching of a chain and the spreading of a woman’s legs. As if they can never unbar only a single
entrance. It’s a disease called hope. Women suffer from it greatly."

" I close my hands on her head and think I might not let her go. Slick with sweat, I defile her with reverence. Or revere her with defilement. Every. Inch. Of. Her. Mother- fuckingfinebody. She likes it."

Barrons' POV ,albeit short, Does. Not. Disappoint.