Dirty Red (Love Me With Lies, #2) - Tarryn Fisher If you've read The Opportunist ,you have to read Dirty Red. Taryn Fisher is a master at creating machiavellian-like characters that make you shiver from how cold their blood runs but then flips it on you and breaks them right before your eyes. Deconstructing them to show you every flaw,every insecurity and pain they suffer from and somehow you end up kinda-sorta understanding them and she does it again with this novel. By the end of this I was questioning my own moral compass.

                 *** spoiler alert ***

Caleb,Caleb,Caleb... The twisted tale you lead. Yes he's a hottie.Yes, he's cultured ,rich, playful and fun. But he's the biggest liar there is. Olivia's  assertion of him being like crack is right on the money for me. I feel like he knows exactly just what effect he has on women and uses it to his advantage.Leah isn't by any means a nice woman but   this book to me shows that she's flawed just like Olivia's book showed her choices to do some not-so-nice things herself. These two women are both willing to do whatever for him. As long as it means they have him in the end.Leah was Leah from the get go and Caleb ate it up. And what does he give her? Lies. He chose her over olivia! and he still lies! Ugh!
 Some of the subject matter concerning her  struggles with her baby was difficult to stomach but surprisingly I didn't hate her for it. It was ugly but it was real . Her struggle to foster and then salvage her relationship with Stella made her tangible. She became a mother for the wrong reasons and made some horrific parenting decisions early on but with the help of her no-nonsense manny she found her footing. She's misguided and perhaps inept at reading people but contrary to popular belief she was NOT the devil incarnate ,in my opinion. She acted out of (what she thought was) love. She wanted to fight for it at all costs . I hated Leah after The Opportunist but thanks to Taryn I've moved from hate to pity.I can only hope that that manny of her's gets her mindset back on track in book three and she doesn't waste any more of her time on Caleb.
I"m very much looking forward to book three!