The Proposal - Katie Ashley It was cute. I like what happens to Emma and Aiden in this one but it just got a little too mushy for my taste . I am Mush-intolerant sometimes. I'll take an angst filled,heartbreaking love story over hearts and rainbows in a heartbeat. So with that being said. I struggled through it , but if you liked The proposal and , (like I've said many times) your normal then you'll like this. Unless your like me and were secretly hoping that ... Emma takes up on Pesh's offer and twists the knife into aiden a little more...:D.. Sigh' what can I say. I have evil tendencies. It was still nice to see how their story pays out though and I really enjoyed aiden's little nephews, John to be more specific. I wanted more of him in there. He broke the mushiness up nicely. :)