Beautifully Damaged - L.A. Fiore description

Sigh' say this was disappointing would be putting it mildly. It sucked. Which is frustrating because  there were some elements to this book that kept me motivated to continue reading in the beginning . One big element being ,Trace. He just fit the profile for my ideal  book bf. Muscles? check, Tattoos?check, Mysterious bad boy? yup.  So you would think it should have been easy for me to love this book just for him alone ,but nope. It sucked. Which is sad cause I really liked where Ember and Trace's story was going.
 I mean she's kind of a nerd in the beginning making references to starwars and aliens (which is really cool)  She's kind of funny too and I did think that scene where  she's at his apartment where they're playing something like 21 questions was kind of cute  but that only  last about a minute and then you realize that Trace and her never really talk. There's no banter,no "wow !you like that band too?! or " damn, that ass so fine!" (err,forget that last part that was lil' wayne  not Trace) nothing. She just loves him because  he's...  OH-wait-for-it! Beautiful and beautifully damaged!  AND the author glosses over important things all the time and messes up her timeline constantly!!  
I really should pay attention to reviews more. If I had I would have seen this and stayed clear.