Sins & Needles - Karina Halle description 

HOLY SHiZNIT!! Amazing!
Violence,Sex,Drugs,guns,alcohol,Rock & Roll,gambling,Stealing, kid-napping,car chases and tattoos!
I've been looking for a book like this for a long,long time. Karina Halle ,I bow down to your literary powers. 
I don't know how I've never read anything by her before this,but I'm rectifying that soon! The writing is quick,witty and thrilling. There's never a dull moment in this book. The characters? Bad-Ass! How? you say. Well let's start with our heroine. 
Meet Ellie Watt
 She's not your run of the mill romance book heroine. She's the daughter of a pair of grifters and ,as if by inheritance, a con artist.  Which by definition makes her a liar and a thief. No scruples whatsoever. She see what she wants and she goes after it . 
Ellie on her choices," the world is bad.I'm just trying to survive in it."
She wants to change but after being forced into hideout  in her hometown she reconnects with ,high school classmate , Camden McQueen  and things get interesting ,fast.
Camden McQueen,besides having the gift of rocking the "sexy nerd " look,  
 has alway had a thing for Ellie. Way back to his goth days when she was the only one that got him.Or so he thought. 
The chemistry between these two is incendiary and if it wasn't for this guy
Javier,the intriguing Mexican drug lord , who also happens to be Ellie's ex.Things between Ellie and Camden would have stayed incendiary and awesome.Instead this...thing,this horrible thing happens and we're left like this at the end of the book.
I'm not upset though because there was no way around it. It was bound to happen .So I will wait and distract myself with something else until  I can get another hit of this awesomeness .