How to Kill a Rock Star - Tiffanie DeBartolo I'm on my iPhone right now . Hardly a device that lets me give this book the proper raving that it requires! But alas my daughter is hogging the iPad and my laptop has been out of service for about two months now. So I'll just have to wrestle with the goddamn autocorrect and fidget with the tiny screen..I shoulda gotten a Samsung . Anyway, this is a great , amazing ugh,what is perfect word for this book...Epic.This is an epic book. I am not kidding you when I say that almost all of this book was highlighted by me. And I hardly highlight anything but Tiffanie DeBartolo is a poet and a goddamn philosopher. No , seriously . She has a degree from Berkeley.
A good book makes you feel something . Feel happy,sad or anxious ,whatever . A great book makes you feel all that and leaves you thinking. Not just about how great the characters were and how unique the story was but also about the life you're living and what moves you and what is real and truthful for you and jn turn allows you to reciprocate these things back into the world. So You can make them available for others to feel too . That is what this book does. It brings clarity . Shakes you and wakes you up from your stupor . This book is inspiration.To rebel, to live to your fullest and to not goddamn compromise to anything . I will probably be dissecting this book and gorging on the plethora of life altering quotes that are in here till I manage to be sated. This is a must read for anybody with a pulse!