Never Too Far - Abbi Glines
It's very hard to find a heroine that I don't find annoying or cliché. Usually, that's the status quo, and I endure a book for the hottie in it, but with this one I actually really liked Blaire. She's genuinely good and has strong character. She rises from the challenges that life has dealt her and doesn't expect anyone else to come in and save her. (That's very refreshing)

She can save herself, she's got a gun, but when Rush offers her help she's not stubborn and prideful either. She lets him because she sees that's something that he needs to do. However, She is not without flaws. Thank God. Otherwise, it would feel a little too much like I'm reading something that could be made by Disney. Blaire has been let down by mostly all the men in her life so she never expects anything from any man. She writes them off when they makes mistakes and assumes the worst. So Rush has to step it up and show her the kind of man that he is. Granted, he messes up a lot but he sure knows how to beg for forgiveness.;) All in all this one is a great easy read. I really liked where their story goes and it didn't seem mushy at all. I loved it.

Although, WTH was up with the anticlimactic ending? I wanted more!!! :/