Walking Disaster (Beautiful, #2) - Jamie McGuire
3.5 Stars

First and foremost, I want to say, I love Travis Maddox. Beautiful Disaster was one of my first insanely addicting reads, and it was all because of him.

I even loved their insane, unhealthy relationship. Because if were really honest with each other , we all know that's what it was. Crazy and unhealthy but I've been there done that (kind of, in a totally different way) , so I get it. It happens like that when they're so young. I even understood Abby's reluctance about him in the first one. I mean he looked like a maniac from her POV, in BD . A sexy one, but still totally cray.

In this one though, seeing Abby through his eyes...she really got on my nerves. So I really didn't get why he would be so crazy about her in the first one. And that was failed for me. That's what I was looking for in this one. I wanted to see through Travis' eyes what made Abby so special. I do feel that Jamie succeeded in telling us why Travis reacted so crazy and irrational in the first one and the story line with his mom totally broke my heart. I get it he fought for what he wanted. But why would he want her out of all the women available to him. I hardly think just 'cause a girl says no to a guy that would make him go as crazy about her as he did. Even if he really had never seen gray eyes like hers before. So I didn't like that. I also thought he was a little bit of a, and don't kill me for saying this, but a wuss. He's A fighter, damnit. He's scrappy,tough and awesome!I wanted him to curse more... but you know what saved it? That epilogue. All the cray paid off.:) and I loved that. I kind of hope we see a spin off of his twins! can you imagine daddy travis dealing with lil' Jess dating woes?? :) yes please!