Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda Jones Well I'll be... The son of satan just became my newest book boyfriend...:). I really enjoyed this one but after four books in I was hoping to get more than what I got , story wise. I understand in the first few Charley was just starting to see her world with new eyes and was processing all the new info but I really wanted her to deal and try to discover her story in this one and that just didn't happen. So that left me a little miffed . That and the fact that I still don't know WTH happened to Mr. Wong!!! I mean seriously tell me already!! But of course Charley is still a riot in this one so that helps . I liked all the new characters too but ,again, the development of the established ones was missing. I wanted growth and I didn't get much. However, that therapy session Reyes gave Charley was long overdue and that was what made me forget the negative. I just hope the next one will be worth the wait and we'll actually get somewhere.