Into the Hollow - Karina Halle   This one starts out after Dex  saves Perry from demonic possession in  "On Demon Wings". Yeah they went through some heavy stuff in that one. In this one he offers her his home to get away from her parents since they're just itching to put her into mental institute...Ok,I might  be saying too much. This is the problem with reviewing these books. I get so excited I just wannna put it all out there but if I do that I'll ruin it for you.  So bear with me while I gather up some cryptic terms. 

Ok,So...Perry in this one might be struggling with wether or not she can love Dex safely, without him  acting  like a  douchecanoe ( thanks Karina for that one- it's my husband's new favorite too)  again.  So she tries to ignore him and just use him as a means to an end, the end being getting the hell out of her parents' house! However Dex,
Is looking mighty delectable, and this is a huge problem because she can't seem to be able to stop the drool from falling out of her mouth. Kinda ruins the whole, I'm-so-over-you-cause-your-a-dick  fake vibe she's trying to throw at him .She's constantly obsessing over wanting  to do things like this with him.

  I had a wicked image of having sex on one of those rugs,the fireplace warming my ass. It was no surprise that I was picturing being on top of  Dex

 So,Perry comes up with some house rules that prohibit any possible canoodling. And ,surprisingly ,it keeps Dex  at bay. Well, for the most part .

  "Enough with the damn rules!"
"Hey" he growled, coming right at me. Chest against mine."if it weren't for those damn rules, we'd already be having dirty sex all over the apartment."

It's really awesome to read.Oh, I should also probably mention that they take up  ghost hunting again. Except this  time  they're looking for  this guy 
  instead of ghosts and demons. So that's going on too . Obviously, its creepy. It is the Experiment in Terror series.The star of the show though is really Dex and Perry's relationship .It was really fun to watch them squirm. Perry by Dex's new 2.0 hot bod and Dex by Perry's ...boobs,ass and personality . Lol I can't wait for me EIT!
I suck at vagueness so sorry for spoilers .