Binds - Rebecca  Espinoza
4 stars
After reading Binds I’ve discovered two things about myself.
The first, that I am a PNR & (High- Low)Fantasy lover and second, that I love a good supernatural love triangle. All Things that can be found in Mrs. Espinoza's promising debut novel.
Besides the obvious differences between a PNR/Fantasy Romance and any other type of romance novels (like fairies, monsters and mages), the thing that I love most about them is the slow burn of the story.
Where a good contemporary romance novel always cooks with high heat causing the story to sizzle in its crescendo letting you know it's done . A good PNR lets the characters simmer for a long time with low heat while continually adding new characters or twists in the plot, developing layers and texture that eventually (hopefully) come to an aromatic, satisfying boil. I swear I’m not hungry... but I could go for some gumbo ;). Anyway, Binds has heavy influences from Moning's fever series so it sort of reads a little like fan fiction. Very good fan fiction but still . It's kind of like the fever series meets aspects of Beautiful Creatures with a sprinkle of Daughter of Smoke and Bone except with an entirely new story .

We meet Ophelia or Phee, as I prefer to call her ...
while she's scrutinizing her mansion's food menus. She's married to a controlling, abusive man who isn't afraid to beat her if the wrong things are served for dinner so it's safe to say she's a little relieved when she's kidnapped by her new driver Reece...

after coming back from a gala her sadistic hubby makes her go to. She wakes up in Spencer's place.
A man ,who opens her eyes to the real word she's living in and introduces her to some of her truth. There's so many things going on already like Reece's culpability in her mother's death, spencer's secret dealing with the king of the fae! Who also happens to be Phee's dad!! that it's safe to say ,Mrs. Espinoza is doing it right. She's left us simmering, wondering what the heck is going to be thrown in next and which of these hunky but very flawed men she's going to trust. I know who I am rooting for.;)