The Collector - Victoria Scott Review to come but real quick Why BLUE?!? WHY?! ;((


I'm going to tell you something that not a lot of people know about me... I really like assholes (male or female). They make me laugh, whether it be at them or with them. What can I say about this affinity? I guess I just enjoy getting the-no-bullshit-truth. A-holes never feel the need to sugarcoat and I respect that. Dante walker is one of the a fore mentioned and he had me when he thought this of our female MC...
"This is the girl Boss Man is after? She looks like a porcelain doll ...beat three times with an uglystick."
I know what you're thinking. "What a douche!" or if you're English "Horrid Man!" ,"Que Mamon!" if your Latin/Hispanic/whatever-the-hell-we're-calling-ourselves-now ,and you would be right. It is terrible thing to say ,thankfully he only thinks it and that is why I knew I was going to love this. How many male POV's have we read lately where the guy's thoughts are anything but a guy's?
Where the male MC starts of being a bad ass only to flip a 180 once he sees the female MC for the first time? It's usually all rainbows and puppies from then on(gag). It's very refreshing to not see the insta-love that exists in most novels. Well, maybe Charlie is in insta-lust but definitely not Dante.
"She nods her head as though I said something profound, then turns and walks to her window. For the first time, I notice she's wearing purple jeans. My god, it's like she stepped straight out of an 80's movie. Her wavy hair falls to mid waist , and I think how she looks better this way. From the back."
description (Lol, gets me every time.)

But there is more to him than his douchey musings. He is a soul Collector working for Lucifer himself. Put on earth to collect sinning souls but he gets a special assignment. One that requires personal one-on-one attention, Charlie Cooper. She's every thing most female MC's never are. Strong, inherently good and a little less than perfect, looks wise. And she gets under Dante's perfect skin.
"Charlie and I should be doing terrible soul-sealing activities. Instead, she somehow swindled me into volunteering."
She comes bearing gifts too. Her two BFF's Annabelle and Blue, who are great in their own right. Especially Blue. Dante and Blue develop a sort of tentative, tense, bromance that is hilarious and endearing. Which is why I was so devastated when ,(don't click on huge spoiler if you haven't read it) he dies! That deducted the last star for me. Otherwise this was perfect!