Arouse (Spiral of Bliss, #1) - Nina Lane
What attracted me to this particular novel was the lack of grandiose plot. The fact that we follow a couple who have very much attained their "happy ending" and now are navigating the relationship struggles of the ever after. In this particular case their struggles come in the shape of Olivia/Liv's finding her footing/individuality in her marriage while she is an adamant supporter of her Professor husband and all his endeavors. She struggles in finding her niche and Dean (her husband) like all men it seems, does not know how to communicate. And omits some huge things from his wife. The heady combination of each character's struggles leads to liv kissing another man because she connects with him on a level she hasn’t yet connected with dean.

I really liked Liv and Dean's relationship. Despite their flaws I thought they were beautiful together and I just goes to show how fragile love can be .
”Maggie Hamilton is no threat to our marriage. Neither is Tyler Wilkes. The danger lies solely between me and my husband”
I thought the writing was beautiful and elegant and organic to challenges of married life and successful in its plot execution. I felt the marital tension while reading this and that was exactly what I was looking for.

What I didn't like : Dean's overuse of the word prick.
e.g#1 “Just bat your eyelashes at me, and i'll take my prick out “

e.g#2 ” Naked and Moaning and creaming all over my prick”
umm No, Dean.No.

And Kelsey's way of trying to manipulate dean into her way of thinking. Otherwise known as thekiss. Thank you but no thank you,lady! Wth. What kind of friend are you!