This Man Confessed (This Man, #3) - Jodi Ellen Malpas

My luck has been very unfortunate lately regarding book sequels and/or conclusions.
I think the problem is the waiting time between said books, the time span between each book in a decent series is usually 6 mos.-to a [gasp!] year. And most of the time this is fine. It's understandable ,authors have lives too .
Ugh. I know right? Humans.
Anyway ,the problem with these big time lapses between books mind. It runs rampant with all the cool and dramatic possibilities that might happen in the next installment/conclusion. And then when I get the book I’ve been speculating and fantasizing about I'm sorely disappointed, because of course my version was better. But not this time. Jodi Ellen Malpas delivers .

I can honestly say that the conclusion to this series was perfect.
Jodi doesn’t change Jesse. He's still crazy and arrogant and inventive in the bedroom. (sigh) And Ava remains defiant and has a brain of her own and is keeping Jesse on his toes. We get to see their relationship evolve and see them unite in their marriage and it was great!! And that prologue was the luscious cherry on top! So, thank you Jodi! You did it wright.
I'm gonna miss you Jesse, :(