This Makes life after Barrons bearable. Almost.

Angelfall  - Susan Ee

I can't believe that this has been out since 2011 and I'm barely getting to it now! Thank you Jennifer and Ash for the push ,it was awesome!!

I mean what's not to like there's sword fighting,hot-god like angels, a creepy post apocalyptic era, and a bad ass heroine! I love books with a strong female lead that can kick some ass and Penryn Young fits the bill.
She's only 17 in the book but the back story with her family matures her for me so the possible love connection with Raffe, doesn't really bug me. And I mean it's also the end of the world so a bit of leniency is acceptable I think. She definitely still has her teenage girl moments that remind you of her age though so I was grateful that were crawling before walking in the romance department for them and that for the most part Penryn is focused on her family and the disturbing cray stuff that's going on there. I can't even go into detail of what's happening with her family because you need to experience the crazy as you read!
The only thing that I had a little problem with was that when all the talk about archangels like Gabriel and Raphael come up we don't get much of an elaboration on them. It's just assumed that we know who they are and I'm catholic (light) and had no clue who they are. Still nothing that my good old handy Google couldn't remedy. All in all a great new addicting series to read! Yay!